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4 Signs That You Need A Professional Tree Inspection Service

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Have you ever thought a tree next to your house or driveway might fall over? What goes up must inevitably fall, and trees are no exception. Many trees have long lives, and it is usually easy to see when they are unwell and about to fall. However, a tree about to fall will not be easily noticed on certain occasions. Most people need knowledge about the hazards they might experience from falling trees. The good news is there available tree services near you from experts willing to assist with tree assessment matters.


What is a Professional Tree Inspection Service?

As helpful as they are, trees may sometimes be dangerous too. A healthy tree gives the tree owner and their property several advantages; nevertheless, a failing or sick tree risks people's lives and property. A tree inspection service must identify and fix tree issues before they worsen.

Owners in and around neighborhoods can take advantage of the tree inspection services we provide at eos Tree Services. Our tree inspection services are centered on locating the issues affecting your trees and resolving them to prevent threats caused by trees.


How Does Professional Tree Inspection Benefit Me?

eos Tree Services offers inspection services so you can have the following benefits: detect tree infections early, identify structural damages, improve safety, determine watering needs, and determine soil requirements. Other benefits are as follows:

  1. Hiring professional tree inspectors is vital because they can answer with more assurance whether the threat is slight or severe. You can feel more at ease if they note a low danger of failure rather than inquiring from inexperienced and unlicensed tree professionals. By standardizing our procedures, arborists will be less likely to make mistakes during assessment and treatment, putting you and them at a lower chance of suffering harm and financial loss. Here is an additional information on how important licensed professionals should handle your tree inspection.

  2. Our professionals can suggest a treatment to reduce risk to a manageable level without entirely cutting down the tree. This saves you money and the pain of a needlessly destroyed tree. Additionally, they can better safeguard trees from storm and fire damage by doing this. The difference between a tree remaining upright in a high wind event or falling over could be as simple as trimming a few branches from the crown to lessen air resistance.

  3. They reduce climbing and checking by identifying the tree's failure spots and evaluating the risk. Our arborist can confidently remove the tree without needing a time-consuming climbing procedure, thus saving you money. If the arborist must climb, they can do so more quickly and safely if they don't second-guess the risk profile.

  4. You will be benefiting from legal matters about the service. Our professionals are licensed and experienced. They will use the same terminology as attorneys and insurance providers in the written report, which may be advantageous to you if the tree causes damage and gives rise to a legal or insurance dispute. You are more likely to escape punishment if the risk is extremely low.


When Should I Get My Trees Inspected?

You may believe a tree is in excellent health and that hiring an arborist to assess it would be unnecessary. Still, there are some circumstances or conditions under which you should think about hiring an arborist, especially for more giant trees:

  • A fungus, holes, or insect damage is present. Even a tiny spot could be a sign of more significant damage.

  • A complexly shaped tree, especially one that moves a lot in the wind, with many branches leaning and twisting. A sloped tree that is leaning is particularly vulnerable to collapse.

  • Any indications of mottling or yellowing on non-deciduous leaves.

  • A bedroom or other regularly used room or area should be examined at least every three years for any vast trees within fifty feet of your home, more frequently if they are leaning over them.

  • Critical roots may have been harmed if significant soil preparation, such as excavation or stump removal, was done close to a tree.

  • If a nearby tree that may have been obstructing the wind has been cut down. Since the tree had developed a windbreak, it might be vulnerable to heavy gusts.

  • Call 911 immediately if you believe a tree has been struck by lightning during the dry season because it may smolder for days or weeks before igniting. Even if the first responders think it won't catch fire, it can still have structural damage.

  • A tree should be evaluated as quickly as possible if a storm has harmed it, fire, flood, earthquake, auto accident, or other physical trauma.


Have Your Tree Inspected by eos Tree Services!

Calling us at eos Tree Services is your best bet when you want to know if and how your tree can fail. Call or message right now for a tree inspection service near you!

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