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eos Expert Tree Services, Ellicott City

Maryland’s expert tree specialists for all your tree cutting, pruning, planting, and stump removal needs.

eos tree services


tree services

Licensed and Insured Tree Service Company in Ellicott City

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Whatever your tree care needs, the arborists at eos Tree Services in Howard County will handle it with care, expert knowledge, and the utmost professionalism. Important Consumer Information about Hiring Tree Companies


Overgrown, unsafe, and unattractive trees can often be corrected with appropriate pruning techniques. If you need tree trimming & pruning services, contact our tree trimming experts in Howard County today.


Trees can be cut down in pieces, felled in place, or lifted out with a crane. If you need stump grinding or tree removal services in Howard County or the surrounding area, we can help you.


Trees that benefit from cabling & bracing include trees with long, heavy branches, narrow or split crotches, and those that have sustained damage that compromises their structural integrity. If you have a tree in need of structural support, call our tree maintenance service team at eos for an inspection today!


Whether a tree is in declining health, shows signs of damage, or poses a potential safety risk, a tree inspection by a certified arborist can help to identify the problems and recommend solutions. Our certified arborists serve Ellicott City and the surrounding areas, so call today if you need tree inspection services.

tree services
"Here is the gorgeous ending to the marvelous job that EOS Tree Service in Glenelg did after very skillfully removing several dead branches, from very, very high, large, beautiful old tree. It was a very tedious job…but they marveled at it ! Jose Perez oversaw the procedure, masterfully! A multitude amount of logs were left…everything very neatly cleaned up. My husband has since delighted in splitting many, many pieces….for Firewood ! We’re all set for winter now. Thank you so much JP. It was wonderful working with such a masterful business."

Mary Hall


  • 1.What tree services do you offer in Ellicott City?
    At eos, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including Tree cutting, trimming, and pruning Stump removal and grinding Tree inspection Tree cabling and bracing Our skilled professionals are equipped to handle distinct tree-related needs for both commercial and residential properties. Get in touch with us for personalized tree solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • 2. Do you offer emergency tree services in Ellicott City?
    Yes. eos is the best tree service company for a reason - we provide 24/7 emergency services. Our experienced team is available around the clock to address urgent situations such as storm damage, fallen trees, and hazardous conditions. Contact us immediately and we will swiftly respond to assess and address any emergency service needs.
  • 3. What measures do you take to ensure safety during tree removal in Ellicott City?
    Safety is our top priority. Our certified arborists follow industry best practices, including controlled dismantling, safety protocols, and proper equipment usage. We prioritize the safety of your property and our team, equally to ensure a thorough cleanup post-removal.
  • 4. What is the best time for tree trimming in Ellicott City?
    The ideal time for tree trimming in Ellicott City is during early spring or late fall when trees are dormant. This promotes healthy growth and allows for a clearer view of the branches. However, hazardous or dead limbs can be removed at any time of the year.
  • 5. How do I schedule services with you?
    To request an expert tree service in Ellicott City, simply contact our team at (410) 995-9116 or send an email to You can also fill out our online form here, providing details about the services you need and we will get back to you to schedule an appointment.
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