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Why Tree Stump Removal is Necessary

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Trees add beauty to your landscape, raise the value of your home, give shade from the hot summer heat, and enhance the air quality. However, dead trees should be removed immediately because they can be unsightly — including the stump. They bring in bugs and infect surrounding plants with illnesses. Your home and property can benefit in several ways from well-maintained trees. However, many dangers are associated with dead trees and unremoved stumps at your home.

Removing a dead tree is easy if you know how to. However, you may have problems dealing with the tree stump removal that was left behind. A tree stump may appear harmless, but it is strongly advised that you remove it immediately because it may pose a safety threat to your property.

What Are the Risks if Stumps are Not Removed?

  • Injury to you or your household members

  • Damage to you or your neighbor's property

  • Power lines or other utilities might be destroyed

  • Roadblock

Neglecting to care properly for a tree stump on your property is never worth the risk. Those mentioned above are just a few risks you might encounter if stumps are not removed. But below are more reasons why you should get rid of a tree stump permanently.

They Spread Diseases to Other Trees

Like all living things, trees are prone to ailments and diseases that may harm them or even cause their demise. A condition that kills a tree would likely spread to others nearby. Early detection of probable tree diseases can significantly lower the likelihood of the tree dying.

Fungus or mildew can become airborne and quite contagious if not treated. Removing one diseased tree from your property may save your entire landscape.

Safety Risk

It poses a safety risk since young children playing in the yard risk tripping over or stumbling into the stump or roots and getting hurt. A tree stump can also be dangerous, particularly if a neighbor or guest trips, falls, or sustains severe injuries. You might have to deal with time-consuming and costly medical expenses.

Dead Trees Attract Pests

An invasive species can readily spread to and infect other trees on your land from a dead tree, making it a sanctuary for them. Dead and decaying trees attract common bugs as well as tiny animals. Their hollowed trunks and limbs provide a temporary haven, but they will eventually move on to other healthy trees or your house.

You can safeguard your home's foundation against termites and other pests like rats by preventing pest infestation on your property. Having dead trees removed creates fewer opportunities for bugs or other problems to establish a cozy home.

They Take up Space

It can be ugly to leave a large tree stump in your yard unattended. The space might be thought of as dead space by a landscape specialist. The tree stump can be removed to create some much-needed space. It enables you to add a new tree, erect a picnic table, or create a secure space where children may run around and play.

Reduces The Property Value

In addition to being unsightly, dead or dying trees can also lower the value of your home, and stumps are included. A healthy tree can increase the value of your home, but a sick or dead tree can quickly cause it to decrease. Although no one hates seeing a tree die, it is in your best interest to remove a tree stump professionally if it cannot be saved.

Contact eos Tree Services for Tree Stump Removal!

Property owners across Maryland have had access to expert tree care thanks to eos Tree Services. Although our main objective is to support the long-term growth of the trees on your property, we also offer expert tree stump removal services if necessary.

Hire an expert to remove the stump for you! There are plenty of tree stump removal services near you. Remember to use the right approach for safe and effective tree stump removal. Hiring a qualified professional can remove your stump permanently because they are knowledgeable about the tricks of the art.

Don't hesitate to contact us at eos Tree Services to schedule an assessment!

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